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Why Choose Wash It™ Detergent-Less Laundry Solution?

It has revolutionized the way we get our laundry clean. No longer do you need bottle after bottle of laundry detergent, bleach, and fabric softener.

This detergent-less laundry solution works with your household washing machine to infuse cold water with powerful oxidizers - deep cleaning your laundry like never before.

Since you'll no longer use toxic chemical products with every load; it will save you money while protecting the health of your family and the environment.

Before/after Wash It™
It save you money.

It Saves You Money

Every year, families spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on laundry detergent, bleach, and fabric softener. With this detergent-less laundry solution, you eliminate the need for all these products to clean your laundry. In fact, it will clean just as effectively! Add to that the fact that Wash It™ needs no hot water, which saves you money in energy costs. Your clothes last longer because you are not using any harsh chemicals to clean laundry, saving you money once again.

It saves you time.

It Saves You Time

If you counted up all the hours you spend sorting your laundry each year, how many hours would that be? How about the time it takes to buy laundry detergent, bleach, and fabric softener (not to mention the time it takes to make the money to buy these products)? The system uses only cold water, so you don't need to sort your clothes. The time invested in buying chemical cleaners is nearly eliminated. Wash It™ saves you time!

It's healthy & eco-friendy.

It's Healthy & Eco-Friendly

Traditional laundry detergent turns to a sludgy toxic soup in the process of cleaning your clothes. Where does that go when it drains from your washing machine? Often, it ends up in our waterways, poisoning the planet. What about all those empty plastic containers? They litter your local landfill. Wash It™ can eliminate these side effects of doing your laundry, making the planet - and your family - healthier.

Introducing a revolutionary new way to save money and the environment while getting your dirty laundry clean! Wash It™ gets clothes sparkling clean without bleach, softeners, detergents or hot water!

How It Works

So how does it Wash It™ work anyway?

This groundbreaking technology transforms the cold water running into your household washing machine, infusing it with nature's most powerful cleaning agents. Water treated with this advanced laundry system will have the top five most effective oxidizers known to man present and active, ready to deep clean your laundry.

Wash It™ Wash It™

Some of the most respected hospitals and hotels in the world have been utilizing the science behind the Wash It™ Detergent-Less Laundry Solution for years to effectively clean their laundry. Now it's time for you to discover the benefits of this technology for yourself.

Scientific report examining Wash It™ Technology (excerpts)

Wash It - The Science

Sheila Baker, a professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Missouri-Columbia, examined the technology behind the Wash It Detergent-Less Laundry Solution. Below is a summary of her report:

Ozone, is an unstable molecule made of three oxygen atoms. When ozone is generated, it quickly reverts to the preferred, stable two-atom O2 gas, which releases a very active oxidizing atom that can be used as a replacement to chemical detergents.

Ozone is very economical. It works best in cold water and relaxes the fabric so no softener is required and shortens drying times. Due to the cold water and shorter dryer times, fabric life is often extended. As for whitening abilities, ozone is similar to hydrogen peroxide.

Ozone works for removing stains from laundry.

Those who used ozone in their laundry systems saw notable savings in:

  • Electrical costs
  • Natural gas
  • Chemical costs
  • Water use
  • Labor costs
  • Softener costs
  • Linen replacement

Ozone is also effective in controlling, disinfecting and eradicating microorganisms found in soiled laundry. Leftover water from laundry systems that use ozone contain higher levels of oxygen which benefit bodies of water by providing oxygen for natural microorganisms that break down discharged pollutants.

The reported benefits of ozone are three-fold: economical, microbiological, and environmental.

Save Money With Wash It™

The average family of 4 would save $6,124.10 over the course of 10 years!

Wash It™ Detergent-Less Laundry Solution is the laundry system that pays for itself!

How much will you save every year with Wash It™? In short, you could save enough in a single year to pay for unit. In its estimated life span of 10 years, you could potentially save thousands of dollars!

Below is a breakdown of how you will save annually. These calculations are based on current price averages and the usage of detergent, bleach, fabric softener and electricity for the average family of four. At the end, you'll see the total cost savings for families of 2, 4, 6 and 8.

Dollars Spent To Heat Water (Electronically)

Average washing machine uses 40 gallons of water per load.

8 loads per week x 40 gallons per load = 320 gallons per week.

It takes 0.2 kWh to heat one gallon of water from 57 to 110 degrees.

320 gallons x .2 kWh = 63 kWh.

The average cost of 1 kWh is 11 cents.

64 kWh x 11 cents = $7.04

There are 52 weeks per year.

$7.04 x 52 weeks = $366.08.

Bottom line:

An average family of four will spend $366.08 to heat water (for the purposes of doing laundry) each year.

Dollars Spent On Laundry Detergent

The average family of 4 does 8 loads of laundry per week

8 loads per week x 52 weeks = 416 loads per year.

You can do 32 loads of laundry per container of the leading brand of laundry detergent (50 ounce size).

416 loads / 32 loads per container = 13 containers per year.

The leading brand of laundry detergent costs $14.24 per 50 ounce container.

13 containers x $14.24 = $185.12

Bottom line:

An average family of four will spend $185.12 per year on laundry detergent.

Dollars Spent On Bleach

3 of the 8 loads of laundry that a family of four does per week will use bleach.

8 loads per week x 52 weeks = 156 loads per year.

8 ounces of bleach is recommended per load.

156 loads x 8 ounces = 1248 ounces.

There are 96 ounces of bleach per container of the leading brand.

1248 ounces / 96 ounces per container = 13 containers per year.

The leading brand of bleach costs $2.99 per container.

13 containers x $2.99 per container = $38.87.

Bottom line:

An average family of four will spend $38.87 per year on bleach.

Dollars Spent On Fabric Softener

8 loads of laundry will be done by a family of four each week.

8 loads x 52 weeks per year = 416 loads per year.

A 32 ounce container of the leading brand of fabric softener does 40 loads.

416 loads / 40 = 11 containers per year.

The leading brand of fabric softener costs $5.99 per 34 ounce container.

11 containers x $5.99 = $65.89.

Bottom line:

An average family of four will spend $65.89 per year on fabric softener.

Savings Per Year With Wash It™

Average Family of 2


Average Family of 4


Average Family of 6


Average Family of 8


In other words, the Wash It™ Detergent-Less Laundry Solution will pay for itself... and quickly!

Features of the Wash It™ Detergent-Less Laundry Solution

  • Wash It™ uses an advance oxidization system (identical to the systems used by many hospitals and hotel for the last 20 years).
  • It requires no detergent, bleach, or other chemicals to clean soiled clothes normally.
  • No hot water is necessary.
  • Wash It™ has an estimated life span of more than a decade! Installation is easy.

Benefit #1: Eco-Friendliness

  • There are no chemicals discharged into the environment after your cleaning cycle is complete (unlike detergents and fabric softeners).
  • The condition of your septic systems will improve by decreasing the clogging and increasing the decomposition of "good bacteria" with conventional detergents kill.
  • There are no plastic detergent containers to throw away, meaning the average family won't clutter landfills at a rate of almost 40 containers per year!

Benefit #2: Health Benefits

  • The ozone created by the Wash It™ eliminates infectious bacteria and viruses such as Strep, Staph, and many more.
  • The ozone also kills micro-organisms found in dirty laundry - and does it 3000 times faster than bleach!
  • Skin irritations and allergic reactions from detergents and other soaps left in fabrics will be reduced or eliminated.

Benefit #3: Energy Savings

  • Wash It™ consumes around 25 watts of electricity - which is even less than the average light bulb consumes!
  • You don't need hot water, so you don't need to pay to heat water in the first place, saving energy and money.
  • The Wash It™ uses power only when the washing machine needs water.
  • Clothes dry faster when soaps aren't left behind in fabric, so you'll save money in drying-related energy costs.
  • For a full breakdown of money and energy savings, see the Wash It™ yearly savings page.

Extra Benefits You'll Love

  • You don't need to sort clothes by darks and lights, whites and colours, any longer (due to the elimination of hot water).
  • Clothes will feel softer and fluffier, since you won't be leaving any soap behind in the fabric.
  • The life of the fabric itself is extended, because detergents actually cause fibre shredding.
  • The rinse cycle will work as a second wash cycle.
  • The Wash It™ Detergent-Less Laundry Solution will improve the performance of your washing machine, and ends the need to purchase cleaners.
Wash It™ Eliminates the need for toxic chemicals.

Installation Overview (it's quick and easy)


Turn off your washer's cold water supply.


Wall mount the Wash It™ with a screwdriver, using the provided screws & anchors.


Disconnect the cold water line from your washer and connect it to the Wash It™ inlet.


Connect the provided hose from the Wash It™ outlet to your washer's inlet.


Plug in the Wash It™ to power it on.


Slowly turn your cold water supply back on.

Congratulations, your Wash It™ is installed!

Wash It™

Watch a real-world installation video!

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